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Jeep Wrangler Freedom Top Removal Tool
For 2007-2019 Jeep Wranglers

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See How It Works

If you’ve been looking for a freedom top removal tool for your 2007-2019 Jeep Wrangler, look no further! The cumbersome way of twisting your wrist in very awkward ways to remove the mounting knob screws is a thing of the past. Whether you buy it for convenience, buy it for need, or just because you love anything Jeep, Faster 2 Freedom will keep you excited about removing your front freedom top panels!

About Faster 2 Freedom

I talked with the plant workers themselves out of the Jeep Plant in Toledo, Ohio, the birthplace of Jeep. They shared with me how much of a pain it made their jobs when they had to deal with it every day, all day, while working on the 2007-2019 Wrangler models. So much so, that they rigged up their own tools! Out of the same frustration, I invented the Jeep Wrangler roof removal tool.

I made this product purely out of a place of annoyance when my wife, then girlfriend, wanted to take me for rides in our 2016 Jeep Wrangler with the front roof panels off, and the doors gone. I couldn’t stand how maddening the mounting knob screws were to remove. Fortunately, for me, I worked for an Engineering Company at the time run by my good friend David Kasinskas, Founder and former Owner of GSC. I had a buddy of mine make a 3D CAD model of the play-dough mold I made, and that was the start to what would later become Faster 2 Freedom.

That play-dough mold became the head of the now drill/driver tool, the version that uses a chuck adapter to make a socket tool that clicks into your drill/driver and zips out the mounting knob screws 1,000x faster than by hand! It really enhances the experience to be able to use a power tool for freedom panel removal.

But I didn’t stop there in figuring out how to remove your freedom top faster! For the better part of a year, I worked with CAD modeler and SolidWorks expert Fred Bohlmann, to finalize a hand crank version that snaps into the mounting knob screws when you don’t have a drill/driver handy. It was a sweet symphony to be able to attach the hand crank tool without needing upward pressure or a brace to hold it in place while cranking. In the end, it became like a key and that really solidified it for me. It is a Jeep hardtop removal tool that anyone can use by hand! Much thanks to Fred for his commitment to me with the many hours we spent developing both versions to answer the question of how to take off the freedom panels!!

About Faster 2 Freedom
About Faster 2 Freedom 2

Jeep Top Removal Tool From Faster 2 Freedom

Both tools are made with premium grade 3D printed material from 3D printing powerhouse Markforged.

Markforged figured out a way to change Manufacturing as we know it by making plastic parts as strong as Aluminum. While my parts don’t require that kind of strength, it was my work with a reseller as an Industrial Grade 3D printing Sales Executive that built my trust in the brand. I hold them in high regard because they have changed the way companies manufacture and gave me something that is extremely exciting to work with – 3D printing that’s tough as nails!

You will not find a better product than Faster 2 Freedom for quick and easy Jeep Wrangler freedom top panel removal! And, of course, putting them back on, but who wants to do that!

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